About the Cruise

The research cruise will take place in June 2019 (15-24 June 2019) aboard the R/V Kilo Moana. The cruise will depart from and arrive into Honolulu, HI.

This cruise will have an emphasis on Biological and Chemical Oceanographic research. Participants will help plan and execute 10 days of at-sea oceanographic research that will take advantage of shipboard and PI supplied equipment to address scientific questions related to the role of biology in regulating vertical exchanges of bioelements between the upper ocean and the ocean’s interior waters. The research cruise will focus on biogeochemical and ecological dynamics at Station ALOHA (22°45´N, 158°W), field site for the Hawaii Ocean Time-series program in the subtropical North Pacific Ocean. The wealth of contextual information available from decades of research at this field site will help guide the scientific foci for this training cruise. Pre-cruise meetings and workshops will be used to identify participant-specific research questions and objectives.

The goal of this program is to help early-career marine scientists (e.g.,PhD students, postdocs and new faculty) plan and write effective cruise proposals, develop collaborative sampling strategies and plans to address key scientific questions, become familiar with shipboard equipment and sampling at sea, and communicate major findings through writing of manuscripts and cruise reports.