Daily Cruise Report | Day 271

Daily Summary: R/V Roger Revelle continued operations for MCS Line 4. We finished troubleshooting the magnetometer and deployed it at 00:27 UTC. The magnetometer began logging at 01:17 UTC. There was an issue with the one functional compressor at 4:50 UTC. The second compressor was up and running by 5:10 UTC. A strong bubble plume was detected on the multi-beam at 13:35 UTC. One of the sound source has had an operating issue, so we decided to obtain Lines 7 and 8 with only one sound source. For quality check, we promptly processed Line 7 data and ensured that we have acquired quality data with 2 second penetration even with these issues.

— Alexis Wright, USGS/Colorado School of Mines and Casey Hearn, University of Rhode Island