Daily Cruise Report | Day 270

Daily Summary: The science party and Shipboard Technical Support continued working to get the Scripps Portable MCS system fully operational. The MCS system was fully deployed at 00:05 UTC, at which point the ship speed increased to 5 knots to return to the planned course before testing. The first MCS check shot was at 00:25 UTC and the second seismic source was turned on with a check shot at 00:30 UTC. At 1:45 UTC the first shot of Line 1 commenced at water depth of 566m. Shot-points 377-379 seismic source 1 delta error. Poor quality multi-beam data was acquired from 3:38 through 4:23 UTC and then power cycled. XBT deployed at 5:05 UTC. Multi-beam was back online and logging at 6:44 UTC. Seismic Line 1 ends at 6:50 UTC. Seismic Line 2 begins at 6:56 UTC and ends at 8:44 UTC. Seismic Line 2T began at 9:44 and ended at 10:24 UTC. Seismic Line 3 begins at 10:44 and ends at 12:46 UTC (shot 3965) due to a compressor leak/acoustic source malfunction. Revelle crossed the Kulm Ridge at 13:21 UTC and did not observe bubbles. Acoustic source testing resumed at 20:07 UTC. Malfunction was fixed at 22:53 UTC. Successful data acquisition is now in progress.

— Ashley Long, Coastal Carolina University and Parker Sprinkle, North Carolina State University